Designer clothing store for men and women

Women's clothing

Women are amazing creatures, and their appearance is always flawless thanks to the right clothes for women. They are filled with light, sincerity and try to deal with problems easily. No matter what situations in life were, their stylish image can not be corrected. Some people put masks on their faces, and women put on a new dress and put on heels become completely different people at once. To choose the right image, you need to spend more than one hour of time in the store, try on a lot of outfits and ask for help from all your friends and consultants. Women are much more concerned about their appearance than men, which is why there is so much variety of outfits.

Types of clothing for women

There is no single classification of outfits for the fairer sex. They are classified according to the season, style, age criteria, and even height. Indicators are determined by women individually and according to their personal preferences.

The most popular style of women’s clothing is classic. It goes both to the office and to the restaurant. With a skillful combination of other details, part of the wardrobe also acts as casual clothing. Designers quite often combine different styles of outfits in one image, and very interesting combinations are obtained. A daily classic pantsuit easily turns into an elegant and cool outfit in the evening, if you take off your heels and put on your sneakers. It will be more like a casual style, based on the convenience and comfort of movement. It is also easy to return it to the classic version.

Outerwear is also presented by designers in different styles. For example, everyone’s favorite camel-colored coat is worn with jeans, dresses, and even a little sporty style. You just need to choose the right things for the bottom of such a coat. Down jackets and fur coats are also popular. This is a favorite outerwear of ladies. You can look elegant and gentle in them.

Clothing for women is also divided by seasonality – winter, autumn, spring and summer. These four seasons dictate certain trends, conditions of wearing things and their variety. Weather indicators in the morning put girls in an awkward position, as unthinkable changes can occur. This is especially true in the spring and autumn period, when the weather is changeable and sometimes hot or cold. Summer and winter collections are more traditional. Natural materials are used to keep the heat at a steady pace when it’s cold, and cool down quickly when it’s warm.

Tips for choosing

Many stylists help fashionistas determine how to choose things, from what materials and what style. To make clothes fit beautifully on the figure, you need to rely on its features and skillfully hide its shortcomings. Big problems happen to women of small stature, very tall and with extra pounds.

In the world, the plus size model is gaining more and more popularity, so you need to rely on their reviews and advice. Such girls are encouraged to highlight their strengths, and not look for ways to hide their shortcomings. When the attitude to buying things changes, then the appearance will immediately change and become more attractive. Clothing is not only what everyone sees, but also what is underneath. The girl in the body needs to learn how to choose underwear, it is possible to use a slimming one so that a dress or a tight-fitting jacket looks more attractive.

Some representatives of the fairer sex think that it is normal to hide their forms behind even larger outfits, but this is not the case. Such things only add completeness and make the image worse. It is recommended to look only at those products that meet the existing size.

As for women of high or low stature, there will also be no problems if you do the right way. It is recommended to choose tight outfits, especially for girls of short stature. Stylists also recommend wearing classic trousers, even with a vertical stripe. This is the best way to visually lengthen your legs. It is advisable to choose jeans, trousers and skirts with a high waist. This will emphasize the beautiful shape and increase the legs again.

Although the beautiful sex with long legs is considered the standard, but many get only harm from it and the inability to choose suitable outfits. Experts advise choosing A-shaped, straight and semi-fitting silhouettes. Products emphasize other advantages of the figure, without highlighting growth. It’s easy to do this by playing around with striped clothing or massive accessories, but these elements should also be in moderation.

Men's clothing

Previously, there were only women in the fashion industry, and fashion was created for them, but now men’s clothing is spreading with the same great force. Designers are coming up with all new models. Fashion also extends to the strong half of humanity. Guys want to look stylish, relaxed and attract the attention of passers-by. There are more and more stylists focusing on men’s style. To understand the entire range of products and destinations, you need to spend more than one hour on the Internet and in boutiques.

Features of clothing for men
The styles invented by designers extend to men’s versions of outfits. They come up with various outfits in retro, grunge, derby, glamour, classic appearance. More and more men appear at fashion shows and there are full-fledged collections for men.

Over time, the casual style became popular. It is characterized by convenience in daily wear. It combines with each other those things that make the image complete and as comfortable as possible. Here you can combine jeans with classic jackets and loafers or T-shirts, and complement the look with sneakers. Such images are also great for business style. Therefore, men do not need to wear traditional black suits every time. Just put on a jacket and the appearance will immediately become more interesting and brighter.

The sporty type has also become a little different. Previously, these were classic sports outfits – sneakers, fleece jackets, windbreakers and pants. Now the image has changed a little and has become more interesting, it even combines with casual to some extent. Sports fashion includes sweatshirts, trousers with cuffs, moccasins, smart sneakers, cotton blazer, bomber jacket, hip-hop style cap. Due to this, a successful image is created for every day.

Product varieties
Classifying clothes for men is quite difficult. There are quite a lot of criteria for systematization and each designer is based on certain nuances. However, all products are divided by season. Winter, autumn and spring collections are full of various outerwear. These are parkas, down jackets, trench coats, and mackintoshes. They are boldly combined with trousers, jeans, sweaters and warm socks.

By the way, it would seem that such a simple accessory as socks has become a hit with many brands. This detail becomes important in the image and skillfully complements the outfit. There are special jeans, above the ankle, and you can see the part of the leg where to put on a long sock. Such a feature is often found in the hipster style. They wear bright socks with different prints under ordinary blue jeans.

Outfits for the full does not become scantier from a large size, but on the contrary. Designers try to bring new colors and accessories to their appearance. Even with excess weight, you can look stylish and attractive if you skillfully use your body, know what moments you need to hide and what things.

In summer, shirts, T-shirts, and shorts are popular among the male population. On hot days, do not forget about fashion trends. Even with the most ordinary goods, it’s easy to make an outfit flawless. Many stylists advise choosing not colorful, but more classic models. They will help at any time of the year, and with any changes in fashion, to be on trend.

Tips for choosing
Oddly enough, but things need to be able to choose. Many inhabitants of the planet seem to have a taste, but they cannot properly combine different elements. In a stylist, it is important not only what kind of clothes you choose, but also how you present it. You can wear an ordinary white or black T-shirt and decorate it with a large chain. Such an image will remind you of an American rapper, and not of a stylish person.

The appearance of a man depends on how things sit on him. Therefore, in order to know how to choose products, it is recommended to measure them. You can’t buy a product without attaching it to yourself. The product should emphasize the features of the figure and hide flaws. Depending on the style of clothing for men, it also needs to be looked after with special rules and criteria. It is worth remembering that classic things should be strict, sit well on the body and combine with similar products, not with sports

In order to always be stylish, a man’s wardrobes should always have several universal things that combine with any others. This is a classic suit, shirt, T-shirt, slightly narrowed dark jeans, jumper, dark blue blazer, chinos, dark shoes, coat. With such a set, you can go to any meeting and hit everyone on the spot.